The lease of the LERS Cloud server is different from the acquisition of a permanent license, you do not need to keep a server, receive external static addresses and customize the web interface yourself. The entire infrastructure is on our servers. It is enough for you to install the operator's workplace, LERS GSM or ETHERNET controllers at the accounting objects and start using the system.

The database is your property. We will send you a backup copy of the database upon request within the period of commercial service and three weeks after its completion. 

Composition Cloud server LERS AMR

· Interrogation of devices via GPRS and Internet communication channels.

· Three survey ports for receiving incoming connections from GPRS modems.

· Access to data via the web interface.

· Delivering messages about abnormal situations, timing of equipment checks, etc. via Telegram messenger.

· Database of 15 GB with the possibility of purchasing additional disk space.

· Daily database backup.

· Updates and technical support during the paid service period.

· In case you need to deploy your own LENDING server, you will be provided with a full backup of the database upon request.

· Automatic data polling can be started no more than once per hour.

Privacy Statement

The data maintained by LERS AMR Software stores on its servers are your property. Under no circumstances, except for the cases determined by the laws of the Russian Federation, we do not provide data or access to the servers of the LARC ACCOUNTING to third parties.

Representatives of LERS AMR Software can, with your permission, connect to the server to provide technical support.

LERS Technical Support Service can analyze the logs of the server to identify the causes of errors and their elimination.

Applications for connection to the service should be directed to sales@lers.ru.